Sunday, May 12, 2002

Small World. This entry is dedicated to a good friend, Julia Jamal, who is a consultant at iPerintis in Malaysia. What makes this world so small is the fact that I met Julia via e-mail when she commented on one of my Amazon book reviews. That in itself is not uncommon, even though she lives half way around the world from me. What we did discover through a chance encounter is that while we are separated by distance and culture, we have many things in common: we're in the same business (IT consulting), we're both Muslim and I speak a language (Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines) that is derived from Malay.

Julia's current research interests center around M-Commerce, so this collection of links and documents is dedicated to her:

There are also books on the subject that I either have read and reviewed or have been highly recommended by colleagues:In addition to the above, Sridhar Iyer's personal page contains an impressive collection of resources, including two excellent PowerPoint presentations:
  1. Wireless Application Protocol. The 100 slides in this presentation cover WAP in great detail. Regardless of whether you're designing, developing or managing WAP applications you should grab this presentation and study it.
  2. M-Commerce: Mobile Applications. All you need to know that's important is contained in this 36-slide presentation.
I'll be posting more focused entries about M-Commerce in future entries. This collection will provide ample background material across a wide spectrum of technical and business factors.

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