Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Short Break. I am going to briefly break from the testing, SQA and reliability thread because I don't have time right now to devote to properly wrapping it up. I will offer an interesting article titled Use of Metrics in High Maturity Organizations to keep the pace alive until I return to the topic.

Wireless and M-Commerce Development. I just posted my take on a book titled Mobile Business Strategies: Understanding the Technologies and Opportunities in our sister weblog, Postcards from the Revolution.

That weblog focuses on service delivery and business/IT alignment issues, while this one is slanted towards software engineering and more technical topics. The book fit within our theme for Postcards from the Revolution, but there is a related book that is more suitable for this audience. The title is The Complete Wireless Internet & Mobile Business Programming Training Course (with CDROM), and the friend who called it to my attention was enthusiastic. It appears to be a complete training course in all aspects of wireless and mobile commerce development. Judging from the content of the thirty-four associated PowerPoint presentations that are available for free download this is, indeed, a complete training course. If you need to get yourself or your staff quickly up-to-speed and you have a constrained training budget this may be a cost-effective alternative.

Back to Quality. Before ending this entry I want to revisit quality. If you are pursuing the ASQ CSQE certification you may want to get a copy of Fundamental Concepts for the Software Quality Engineer. This book is published by the sponsor of the certification (ASQ), and the book editor is Taz Daughtrey, who is editor-in-chief of ASQ's peer-reviewed quarterly journal, Software Quality Professional.

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