Tuesday, May 21, 2002

More on SQA + Reliability. In my haste to provide SQA resources yesterday I left out two important ones that should be bookmarked and frequently visited by anyone who is interested in software quality assurance:
  1. David F. Rico's home page.
  2. Tantra Management Services.
These are my personal favorites, and I have been using them for years as primary resources.

Software Reliability - Short Version. I am still pressed for time, so this entry is going to be as terse as my last. In the same manner that I use a single book as my primary reference for SQA, I use Software Reliability Engineered Testing by John Musa as my primary reliability reference. My 11 May 2001 review on Amazon will show why I hold it in such high regard. That doesn't mean that it's the only book I use - I have a large collection of SQA and reliability books - it means that it's the first one to which I turn for authoritative information on the topic. On the web the first place I go is the Data and Analysis Center Software Reliability page, which points me to the resources I need for particular aspects of reliability.

Past Information. Reliability has been addressed in this weblog in many previous entries, so I am not going to repeat much of that material here. However, during the next few days (when I get a break in my routine) I am going to wrap up this thread with a few longer entries that describe my own views about SQA and reliability.

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