Saturday, May 04, 2002

Eric Knorr's 30 April article in ZDNet Tech Update titled Web Services Meet Process Management made me think about the many different directions we are going. Yes, we need to integrate process design and management into the architecture of systems we're designing and building. However, is yet another process notation or methodology needed? Given the activity surrounding Web Services Flow Language (WSFL) my question is moot. Personally, the best approach I've seen so far is that proposed by Nick V. Flor in Web Business Engineering. Bemoaning the fact that this well thought out approach is being ignored accomplishes nothing. I can console myself that at least the importance of process as a foundation is recognized and standards are being developed. I've collected a number of articles and documents about Web Services Flow Language and encourage anyone who is involved in the design and development of web-based systems to become familiar with them:

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