Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Correction. In my last entry I left out one of the true Oracle gems off the beaten path on the web: Thomas B. Cox's home page. This little known page contains some of the most impressive whitepapers I've found, including a DBA capability maturity model, DBA checklist and Oracle security information that you won't find elsewhere.

XML Update. One of the themes I've started this month has been web services, with a focus on some of the common building blocks such as VoiceXML, and specifications such as the Web Services Flow Language. I'm going to provide a few updated links on ebXML, which is in a constant state of change and is emerging as an important standard.

Technical specifications, white papers and reference materials are available at ebXML.org's specification page. This is a primary source of up-to-date information, work in progress documents and deliverables related to ebXML. If you're unclear about what ebXML is and why you should be paying attention to it, the site's FAQ will answer any basic question and provide the business and technical reasons for ebXML.

Another source of information is Sun's online whitepaper titled Overview of ebXML Specifications. This paper sorts our the specifications and their relationships to one another.

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