Friday, April 05, 2002

What I'm Reading. One of the reasons I've been keeping such a low profile is because I'm immersed in Building Secure Software: How to Avoid Security Problems the Right Way by John Viega and Gary McGraw. I'll be posting my review of this book on Amazon and here Saturday night, but in the interim I want to mention that this book is absolutely essential reading if you have any role in the software development projects.

Another book that has received unanimous rave reviews is Writing Secure Code by Michael Howard and David Leblanc. Ironically, this book is published by Microsoft Press.

I haven't read it, but judging from comments this is another essential book for anyone who is serious about developing secure software, and is on my list of books to buy and read. Lest you question the credibility of this book because of Microsoft's notoriety for insecure software (as reported by the trade press), bear in mind that Microsoft Press publishes books by authors who have no connection with Microsoft's business other than writing books. Therefore, do not discount this book until you've checked it out - something that I plan to do.

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