Sunday, April 14, 2002

Scalability and Performance + Yet More About Architecture. In my 8 April entry I mentioned Greg Barish's excellent book, Building Scalable and High-Performance Java Web Applications Using J2EE Technology. I was so impressed with the common sense approach that Mr. Barish proposed, and his clear writing, that I did a little investigating. As it turns out, Mr. Barish isn't your run-of-the-mill developer who wrote a book, but is a Ph.D candidate in the prestigious USC Computer Science Program. Two additional papers authored or coauthored by Mr. Barish that I found interesting are:
  1. Using Tcl to Rapidly Develop a Scalable Engine for Processing Dynamic Application Logic. I recently cited the findings and conclusions from this 11-page PDF document to support the use of tcl in a proposed project.
  2. World Wide Web Caching: Trends and Techniques. This 8-page PDF document is one of the clearest discussions of caching as a scalability technique that I've read. It's lavishly illustrated and masterfully explained.
An additional document that serves as a nice capstone on my previous entries about architecture is Conflicts Among Architecture Evaluation Criteria, which sorts out some of issues related to architecture evaluation that I've been discussing.

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