Thursday, April 11, 2002

Problems in Paradise. Although it should come as no surprise to anyone who is involved in security, A trio of MS-Office security vulnerabilities have been reported. What would be a surprise is if we could go an entire week without a reported security flaw in Microsoft products.

Did Microsoft acquire Yahoo while nobody was looking? Yahoo apparently wants to compete with Microsoft through the use of a mechanism called a Web Beacon. This piece of code will track your activities long after you've departed Yahoo sites and services. See their explanation (at least they've disclosed the existence of web beacons). Also note that about halfway down the page in the body text there is a way to opt out (see Please click here to opt-out.). If you don't want to be stalked you may want to do just that. Just don't click the button marked Cancel Opt-Out at the bottom of the window, else you'll be back where you started: stalked.

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