Saturday, April 06, 2002

My special friend, Muthukumar U sent me an interesting article titled Lemon Law for Software? that is completely in line with my thoughts on the subject. This article proposes the opposite of UCITA (discussed in previous entries). As an aside, I should be in Kuwait in a few weeks, and may have the opportunity to meet Muthukumar in person. He and I have been corresponding for nearly a year, and have collaborated on projects in the past. He's a risk management analyst for HSBC Bank Middle East in the Sharjah, UAE offices, so we'll be close enough to visit.

Kate reported in her 2 April entry that Microsoft's anti-Unix campaign backfires. Here's an update that is sure to bring another smile: Anti-Unix site returns - on MySQL? - at least they managed to move the site to IIS ... of course, they'll probably have to hire two additional bodies to keep up with the security patches, and an additional dozen to monitor security. The question I have is, how did they even become a monoploy? Sounds more like a stand-up comedy routine to me.

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