Thursday, April 25, 2002

Brave New World? I just discovered a growing movement that centers on digital presence. What is it? According to a Primer on Digital Presence by Sean Gallagher it's defined as:
[T]he digital existence of a user—that is, a person, device or application—on a network. Being present ranges from simply being registered to actively participating with others.
It's being legitimized by the Internet Engineering Task Force in the form of an Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol work group charter, an independent, nonprofit consortium called the Presence and Availability Management (PAM) Forum, and a growing body of work. More information about the PAM forum can be found in PAM Forum Overview, and additional documents from various sources, including:This is not some obscure movement - at stake is our privacy and this movement may add some sanity to the Liberty/Passport services that are emerging as both competing web services and potential intrusions on privacy.

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