Monday, March 18, 2002

Up for Air. I've been buried in projects, but feel guilty about not doing my part while Linda and Kate have been taking the time to write well thought out entries about important topics. Both have provided information and documents that are valuable and their writing is remarkable. If you haven't also been reading Postcards from the Revolution you're missing some excellent material on knowledge management and service delivery.

I am going to provide a few testing and reliability documents I've recently found, then disappear back into the woodwork until Wednesday. I should be caught up by then and will resume my discussion here about process design and implementation, and will begin my discussion of the Tarrani-Zarate Model in our sister weblog, Postcards from the Revolution.

The testing and reliability documents are:

Also of interest to software testing and QA professionals is Security Aspects of XML and Web Services, which provides a brief look at the considerations from which you can derive test cases.

If you want to know more about who we are visit our TEAM Zarate-Tarrani page. Until Wednesday, best regards from Tustin, California.

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