Monday, March 18, 2002

Threats from the Web. In my 15 March entry I discussed the basics of competitive intelligence and sources of information. I've gathered some examples of threats (or opportunities, depending on where you're sitting) that underscore my discussion.

Be afraid ... be really afraid! Web job listings are one surprising source of information. As innocuous as job listings may seem, the paper titled Competitive Intelligence and National Security Threats from Web Job Listings shows that useful intelligence can be gleaned from publicly available sources. If this paper doesn't provoke reflective thought and a bit of paranoia you may be living in a different reality. Remember, when everything is uneventful the optimist will say, "we're safe" and the pessimist will claim that "we're due." I tend towards the pessimistic view when it comes to intelligence.

If the preceding paper didn't get your attention perhaps Civil Liability for Computer Security Professionals will give you pause. Although this paper is not specifically about competitive intelligence, it does show the potential risks a company faces if information that is made available isn't carefully reviewed by competent legal counsel. This document isn't for security professionals only. I think the proper audience should include marketing, content developers and corporate communications/public relations.

Other Matters. If you carefully read the US Government's advice contained in a document titled Intellectual Property: Navigating Commercial Waters you'll discover exposures to which your company may be subjected. This document is not ostensibly about competitive intelligence, but much of it is useful to those who gather or protect information that is considered to be competitive intelligence.

I still have loose ends on my personal web page, but will be rectifying them in the next few days. Mike is in the process of adding sample deliverables to our TEAM Zarate-Tarrani page, but this will be an ongoing process.

Linda left me an opening in her recent entry in Postcards from the Revolution to provide additional content about knowledge management. If you check my latest entry there you'll find five useful documents on the topic. Best wishes from Irvine, California.

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