Thursday, March 07, 2002

Setting the Stage. I've been focusing on the Zachman Framework and business rules in my latest Postcards from the Revolution entries. Since that theme is going to continue for a few more days I want to use this weblog as a vehicle for discussing process models.

Catalyst. The reasons why I want to discuss process models are:

Since Linda and I use these weblogs to share information the reasons cited above provide ample justification for a series on process.

Prelude. I've gathered material that will accomplish two things: (1) give background information about domain specific processes, such as supply chain management, software process improvement, etc., and (2) provide common standards and techniques. The material is diverse and is more valuable when studied to see how the embedded processes were derived. To be sure, it will take careful study to accomplish that; however, if you're feeling ambitious you may want to see how the processes, models and standards in the material fit within the Zachman Framework described in the last three Postcards from the Revolution entries.

The background material is as follows:

End Note. In earlier entries Linda and I discussed the state of software engineering at the international level. If you're interested in Asian initiatives the whitepaper titled, Software Entrepreneurism in Korea is worth reading, as is the collection of reports and presentations from the 14th Asian Forum for the Standardization of Information Technology.

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