Thursday, March 14, 2002

Secrets Revealed. If ever you wanted to know who we (me, Linda and Kate) are, our backgrounds and professional interests, visit the TEAM Zarate-Tarrani Capabilities page. You'll also notice a name you may have seen mentioned here, Marcia Hopkins. I hope to entice her into posting here one of these days.

Process Artifacts. As soon as I complete pending work that has priority I'll return to my topic about processes. In the meantime I have some relevant documents to share that you'll find interesting: Experience Factory Model is a 96-page manual describing the PIE Experience Factory Model. This model is of interest to process analysts, knowledge management specialists and software engineering process group members. The model fosters continuous learning in a software engineering environment with emphasis on organizational process control and change.

Defining Software Processes is a PowerPoint presentation that provides an excellent comparison of the ETVX and IDEF0 models that I discussed in prior entries. Another presentation that covers the ETVX model in detail is titled Process Action Team Processes. In a future entry I'll be discussing process action teams in more detail, so this presentation will serve as an introduction to this powerful and proven model.

The final document, titled Business Process Innovation (Data Analysis) discusses an important aspect of process design and/or improvement.

If your interests are focused on software process improvement see my latest entry in Postcards from the Revolution.

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