Saturday, March 30, 2002

A Rose by any other name. At what point does knowledge management become process management? If you carefully study the Agile Enterprise Reference Model the distinction becomes blurred. Knowledge management, like all other disciplines, is a collection of processes. The Agile Enterprise Reference Model, however, is clearly process-oriented. You can download the model in MS Word format for off-line reading.

All that glitters. A wealth of related material is available from Paradigm Shift International's series of articles called Real-Time Chronicles, short essays on the emerging knowledge of agile enterprise.

Down to Earth. I've put together three collections of presentations and documents that show different facets of knowledge management:

  1. Knowledge Management as a Profession.
  2. Knowledge Management Theory.
  3. Knowledge Management Practice.
All the news that's fit. I wish to share three more documents that do not neatly fit into this entry's theme:
  1. A brief (terse is a better word) PowerPoint presentation on Systems Theory.
  2. PowerPoint presentation on KM Metrics Framework (if you can't measure it, it doesn't exist!)
  3. Knowledge Management and the Enterprise
Good morning from Irvine, California.

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