Wednesday, March 06, 2002

On a Tangent. My current topic in Postcards from the Revolution is the Zachman Framework, and I want to stay focused on that topic and two closely related topics: enterprise architecture planning and business rules. So, I'm going to use this entry to address a wider view of architecture.

Being Rational. Although I've discussed the Rational Unified Process (RUP) in previous entries, I have some PowerPoint presentations that tie the RUP to architecture:

All That's RUP is Not Gold. Or, put another way, the RUP is but one way to look at architectures. It is also not the final word on processes either. While I happen to be both a fan and advocate of the RUP, I look for best practices anywhere I can find them. Requirements is one of my areas of professional interest. I tend to collect any artifacts I come across, and I've recently discovered three, which I've zipped into an archive of requirements artifacts that contains a requirements engineering process, an elicitation worksheet and a whitepaper about requirements quality. There is an outstanding book on requirements management within the RUP titled, Managing Software Requirements: A Unified Approach.

Another of my passions is project management. I'm always on the lookout for best practices, documents, forms and templates and new techniques. I've zipped up two new discoveries, the Department of Energy project management guide, and a project planning questionnaire, both of which are in MS Word format. These project management artifacts can be tailored to your specific organizational requirements. Walker Royce's excellent book titled, Software Project Management: A Unified Framework. If you're working with the RUP you'll want this book. I personally found the approach and techniques to reflect best practices in software project management, and recommend this book regardless of whether or not you're using the RUP.

Other Topics. I'm going to take a shotgun approach and share a few links and documents that I discovered earlier in the week. These are random and loosely related, so there is sure to be something for everyone:

End Note. Linda and I are in a race to post a review of Rich Schiesser's book, IT Systems Management: Designing, Implementing, and Managing World-Class Infrastructures. The book is about processes, and includes application acceptance, change control and other essential service delivery topics. In my opinion this is the best book so far among the excellent titles in the Harris Kern Enterprise Computing Series. Bravo Mr. Schiesser!

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