Monday, March 25, 2002

In & Out. I've been pulled in many directions this past week, but want to share three documents that captured my attention:
  1. Assessing the Value of Business Intelligence
  2. Measuring Process Effectiveness
  3. eContinuity and the Internet
The first document links business imperatives that Mike has discussed here and in Postcards from the Revolution to my specialty, competitive intelligence.

Measuring Process Effectiveness also has a direct connection between Mike's series on processes here, and competitive intelligence in that process measurement is important to those who are designing and implementing processes and those of us who reverse-engineer competitor processes to determine if they are a threat to our own competitive posture in the market.

If the third document has you scratching your head wondering where the connection is, consider how difficult it would be to gather competitive intelligence without the wealth of resources provided via the Internet. Yes, there was a time not so many years ago that we did it the hard way. But most intelligence gathering operations would be dead in the water today if the Internet would suddenly be unavailable.

Welcome a New Face. Marcia Hopkins has joined us as a contributor. She brings a new perspective to this and Postcards from the Revolution with her unique background and experience.

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