Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Fair is Fair. I provided security tools in my 3 and 4 March entries in Postcards from the Revolution. I'm going to provide advanced testing tools here to even things out. These tools will be of value to performance and capacity planners, as well as members of QA teams involved in conformance testing.

Network Test Tools and Simulators. The tools listed below are free, but you will be required to fill out a request form before you can download them. The form is used for internal project justification purposes. After you complete the request form(s) you will be immediately given a link to download the tool. Also note that many of these tools are provided as source code (usually C or C++).

Integration Tool. WebSubmit is a Web-based utility providing access to applications on a collection of heterogeneous computing resources. Its goal is to make it easy to use computing resources via the Web without requiring knowledge of the specifics of unfamiliar operating systems and dynamic application environments. Users can effectively log into distinct computing environments and perform tasks without needing a detailed knowledge of their operating environment.

End Note. Outsourced software development is a reality. I am not going to open Pandora's Box by expressing my opinions on the problems in the US software industry, but am going to share a whitepaper I found titled, Applying Software Quality Assurance to Outsourced Software Development.

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