Friday, February 01, 2002

Manisha Saboo of eRUNWAY contributed a number of resources to share:
  1. Software Test and QA resources
  2. Requirement Management in Testing, which is an 8-page PDF document that addresses an important topic for QA professionals.
I'd like to add to Manisha's impressive list a site devoted to GUI and UI testing.

Another topic that is worthy of discussion is software measurement. I recently wrote about resources available from Data & Analysis Center for Software (see my 30 January entry) and want to highlight measurement-related information that is also available, starting with their collection of Software Measurement Literature and a list of related sites. You'll also want to explore the official website of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7, which is the ISO committee responsible for developing ISO standards in the area of Software and System Engineering. Data & Analysis Center for Software also maintains a page devoted to Cost Estimation. Project managers and SQA professionals will find a wealth of material in the Insight Newsletter, which is the Army's Software Metrics Newsletter and one of the best sources of software measurement information.

At the risk of drifting too far off topic I want to share an online book by Martin Fowler titled Information System Architecture. Mr. Fowler is one of my favorite authors with a number of books on patterns, Extreme Programming and UML to his credit. If you're a design patterns advocate his online book will not disappoint.

Please note that this weblog only tells half of the story. If you want the full picture of our thoughts and information we have to share I encourage you to also read Postcards from the Revolution. We use that weblog to balance the technical entries here with the realities of how technology applies to IT and the business.

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