Friday, February 15, 2002

Less than two hours ago I posted an entry on risk management and auditing in this weblog's alter-ego, Postcards from the Revolution, and am extending the topic here. This weblog focuses more on software engineering, while Postcards from the Revolution is our soapbox for IT professional improvement, so the content here will be slanted towards software engineering risk management and its cousin, quality.

Two PowerPoint presentations that fit this topic are:

  1. Project Management & Software Engineering Techniques to Achieve High Software Quality
  2. Developing Software Quality Plans (a complementary PDF presentation you will want is Developing Software Quality Plans: A 10-Step Process)
The International Software Testing Institute has an article that drills down into the quality process: Modeling the Software Quality Assurance/Software Quality Engineering Process. This site has a large number of special interest groups, each with their own page and additional content, and an impressive collection of software testing articles that cover the full spectrum of QA.

The motherlode of artifacts, however, is the Department of Energy, which makes the following publicly available:

Have a nice weekend.

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