Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Here's a piece of little-known trivia: the FAA was one of the driving forces behind SEI's CMMI initiative. While SEI makes a large number of the CMM documents available free of charge, they are in PDF format and difficult to tailor. On the other hand, the FAA provides their version, called FAA-iCMM version 2.0, in PDF, HTML and MS Word formats. A caveat: the FAA iCMM and SEI's CMMI are not identical. Either read Mapping Table Supplement to the FAA-iCMM online or download it in MS Word format to see how the FAA iCMM maps to SEI's CMMI and other source standards (including ISO9000).

If you're a developer who wants soft copy reference material you'll be happy to know that Bruce Eckel has made his books available in HTML and MS Word formats - and they're free. Who is Bruce Eckel and what did he write? Read about the who and take the time to express your appreciation to this remarkable and generous man. The what: he wrote Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++, both of which may be freely downloaded. Notice that he also has a work-in-progress titled Thinking in Patterns that can also be downloaded in Word format.

An excellent online security resource is the IT Security Cookbook. If you're interested in IT security you might also want to bookmark our infosec page, which contains topics on general IT security, business continuity planning/disaster recovery, and information warfare. One of the best links to a single source of security information that I've found is the Computer Security Resource Center. If I need to research any IT security topic that is the first URL to which I go.

Before ending I have to share one last resource called 1 SQL Street. If you use SQL, want to learn SQL or are a master who does not impress easily this site will have something for you. It covers the ANSI standard, as well as the vendor-specific versions, such as SQL*Plus.

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