Tuesday, February 19, 2002

For my QA & SQA Colleagues. The latest issue of the IBM Systems Journal is devoted to Software Testing and Verification. The article I most liked is The Software Testing Automation Framework, which explores the opportunities for reuse and automation in test organizations. For more information about the Software Testing Framework see the STAF Page.

Tool Update. The Software Process Dashboard Initiative has released Process Dashboard version 1.4. This tool supports the Personal Software Process There are a large number of new features in version 1.4.

The Software Process Dashboard Initiative also supports the Team Software Process with a companion tool called Team Process Dashboard.

Both of these tools are free and are written 100% in Java.

Models and Methods. SoftQual Consulting has a nicely done page on Standards & Models that describes the more common quality standards and models, and points to additional WWW resources.

If you're doing open source development the Open-source software development methodology (PDF format) is an interesting approach that gives a coherent framework.

End Note. I added Ed Yourdon's weblog to the list of blogs we read and recommend. We IT pros with grey hair grew up reading Ed Yourdon's books (and others published by YOURDON Press). Ed also has a web page that is worth a visit.

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