Monday, January 14, 2002

There are a few noteworthy links worth sharing. Whatis (which was provided by my friend Muthukumar U in Dubai) is a handy encyclopedia of technical terms, plus news and pointers to other link collections. One of my favorite features is the Favorite Technology Quotations. The quotations are a delight and the site is quite useful - thank you Muthukumar!

TechTarget is Whatis' parent site. This site is a treasure trove for competitive intelligence specialists, researchers and industry analysts. If you like quotations in general you should visit (and bookmark) About Quotations.

There are a few other links that I find myself going to when I'm researching particular topics: IT Director, CIO Insight and Baseline Magazine are excellent resources for IT management and operations professionals. and IT World are general news and content sources that cover the full spectrum of IT, development and related topics.

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