Thursday, January 17, 2002

My recurring topic lately is Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services. I've made a complete pass through the book, but am re-reading parts before I write a review and post it on Amazon. I just completed my second pass through Chapters 9 (Risk Management) and 11 (Traffic Models) and am impressed with the way Doug Kaye organized and wrote them. I especially like his case study in Chapter 11 that illustrates how a project can get out of control if the business and IT factions aren't approaching web design projects as a team, and if IT doesn't perform a quantitative analysis of assumptions. Of course, the assumptions need to have some basis in reality.

This brings me to a few observations about the state of IT as a profession:

  1. IT has no business leading web projects. I came to this conclusion years ago, after watching one disaster unfold after another. The reasons are simple: there is a vast difference between the way IT views the world and the way business process areas view it.
  2. IT, as a rule, shys away from techniques that their business counterparts routinely use. Among the techniques are quantitative analysis, decision methodologies, and sound project management approaches.
  3. The common IT solution to almost any problem is technology. This, in my experience and opinion, only exacerbates the problem (not to mention squandering shareholder value).
Nick Flor's book, Web Business Engineering, validates my conclusions and provides a coherent and effective approach to developing the business approach to a web-based system, be it outsourced or managed by internal IT. The approach that Nick Flor proposes extends and complements Doug Kaye's approach. Some additional reading that augments Chapters 9 and 11 in Doug's book include:I'll have more to say about Doug's book in future entries as well as in the web-hosting discussion forum that supports his book. In the meantime I have a day to start and a list of real-life items that need attending.

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