Thursday, January 17, 2002

My previous entry addressed some aspects of estimating and metrics, which were slanted towards web site capacity and performance. From software engineering and project management perspectives estimating takes a different form. My preferred technique is function point analysis (FPA), which is succinctly described in Function Point Analysis Overview. Another document that clearly explains FPA is FPA fundamentals. Any gaps in those documents are clarified in the Function Point FAQ.

Function point analysis has matured over the years and has evolved into an interrelated collection of methods called Functional Size Measurement. However, there are other methods and techniques, the most promising of which is Practical Software Measurement (PSM). PSM is supported by a large body of knowledge and software at the Practical Software Measurement site. Among the resources are an estimating application called PSM Insight, and documentation about the Practical Software Measurement methodology.

No list of software estimating would be complete without mentioning the constructive cost model (CoCoMo), which is now in version 2. The COCOMO II site that is managed by Dr. Barry Boehm, who is the father of software estimating, is resource-rich, including offshoots of the CoCoMo methodology and free tools (see the COCOMO Suite page.)

I've made two software estimating resources available for download from my site. They are in a single Zip archive, which contains:

  1. Software Estimating Techniques (PDF format)
  2. Estimating Process Guidelines (MS Word document)
Both of these documents provide detailed guidance on estimating.

Other metrics and estimating resources I dug up include:

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