Saturday, January 12, 2002

Just got off the phone with an associate who is trying to get a handle on project management and ERP. This led to a bit of research, based on two books I read during the summer and personal experience, which led to CIBRES (Communicating Integrated Business Resource Enterprise Solutions). This site has an ERP Scorecard online survey that is a comprehensive interactive interviewing process that allows a company to input distinct characteristics of the ERP system. Upon completion of the ERP questions, you'll receive back a report card that scores the overall health of your ERP system. Registration, which is free, is required. The questions in the survey are also in the book titled Scorecard System For World Class Enterprise Resource Management by Travis Anderegg. I reviewed this book last summer, as well as another outstanding book by the same author titled ERP: A-Z Implementer's Guide For Success. If you're involved in ERP in any manner these books are worth a look.

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