Friday, January 11, 2002

JPL has an outstanding online risk management guide that any project manager or business planner will find useful. The Project Management Institute's SIG on Risk Management has a collection of articles and a risk management lexicon that PMs, and especially PMP candidates, should read. Also worth visiting is NASA's Software Assurance Technology Center's page that provides a comprehensive list of their Continuous Risk Management publications.

Lest I forget, a favorite site is Software Program Manager's Network, which provides a wealth of material on software acquisition, project management and some tools in their download area. You have to register (free) to download the tools, but they are worth the time it takes to fill out a simple online form. Some specific downloads are guidebooks and software. The 16-tools graphic is an example of the resources available from this site.

There is also a Delphi forum dedicated to risk theory. This particular forum is more slanted towards financial and investment risk, but the principles and techniques are the same as for project risk. I've included it for a special friend, Muthukumar U, who is working in Dubai. If you're not a Delphi member you'll have to register (free) to post messages.

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