Saturday, January 12, 2002

I have a close relationship with Thinking Minds, Inc., which is based in India and Rhode Island. I often use this blog to alert the wonderful people on both sides of the ocean to interesting articles, documents, and the such. Thinking Minds does two things: (1) off-shore software development and (2) system integration. The following resources are for my friends at Thinking Minds, but anyone who is interested in software engineering, integration and architcture will find them useful.

The first resource is Application Development Trends, which provides thorough coverage of integration, components, tools and technology, and data management. The opinions section is especially worth a look.

The Java Report Online is an essential resource form Java developers. A highlight is the interactive explorer that allows you to discover what's in the environments.

XML - The Site is a resource provided by Software AG that is one of the best repositories of everything XML you could possibly want. Among the highlights are PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of XML and its value, a comprehensive list of XML resources, XML applications in the real world, and much more. There are two resources that I highly recommend:

  1. XML Shockwave which is an executive summary of everything you need to know about XML from a business perspective. This book is in PDF format and is a wonderful free resource.
  2. XML Starter Kit, which includes Tamino XML Server 2.3 as well as a broad array of information about XML technology, with a comprehensive XML Education Library and a multilingual Web cast titled Demystifying XML.
The final resource is Earthweb's IT Industry Portal, which is more for IT management and operations types, but invaluable to development and integration consultants as well.

In parting, check out the object-oriented toaster for a smile and reminder that there is life after work. Now I'm definitely going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Honest ... really I am ...

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