Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Harshal Laddha of Thinking Minds shared an interesting resource titled Java Technology for Business Intelligence.

On the topic of business-enabling technologies, there are two publications that are worth reading if you're an architect:

  1. XML: The Time is Now, which is a GartnerGroup presentation that makes a compelling business case for XML. This document is slanted towards healthcare and HIPAA, but is generic enough to be applied to any enterprise architecture initiative.
  2. Progress Report: HR-XML Implementations describes the progress to date by the HR-XML Consortium on schemas and DTDs supporting human resources. This consortium is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of standardized XML vocabularies for human resources.
Regardless of your technical environment, there is no doubt that XML is an important component of enterprise architectures. Information about and links to XML resources can be found on the DACS XML page. DACS also maintains a Java page that points to the top Java resources on the web. Who/what is DACS? It's the Data & Analysis Center for Software. which is a DoD software information clearinghouse. DACS also publishes Software Tech News, which is an outstanding software engineering publication that has an emphasis on QA and SQA.

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