Saturday, January 05, 2002

Decided to pull a dusty book from my shelf and go back through it this morning as an exercise in contracting. I purchased Information Technology Outsourcing Transactions: Process, Strategies, and Contracts in 1997 when I was working on a project at AT&T Wireless in Bellevue/Kirkland, read it and referred to it a few times over the years. I hadn't touched it in at least a year and am amazed at the wealth of information. This book is about much more than outsourcing - it covers contracts and contracting in great depth. I checked Amazon to see if it was still in print and discovered that there is a 2001 supplement, which I may get. Interestingly, I paid $100.00 for the book in 1997 (the retail price was $150.00, but the Bellevue, WA Barns & Noble had it marked down when I purchased it) and today it lists for $220.00. The supplement is $78.00 on Amazon.

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