Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Update. I am still behind on final release of the content in our sister weblog, Postcards from the Revolution. I should have it up to date and released within the next day. I appreciate your patience.

Issues. That word has multiple meanings in this context. One meaning is that we have all been obviously busy these past six weeks, which means that we've been dealing with a plethora of issues, with more to come. Another meaning is that new issues of two of my favorite magazines are out.

The magazine that I most look forward to is CrossTalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. Since we've been so far behind I failed to report on the past two issues - a situation I am going to rectify now:

Each of these issues contain other articles outside of the main themes, and both are well worth reading. The full list of back issues between 1994 and present are worth bookmarking.

The other magazine I make sure I read as soon as it comes out is The Data Administration Newsletter. In the most recent issue, Issue 21.0 - 3rd Quarter 2002, you'll find a fresh set of papers and articles, and the insightful feature columns that are written by genuine industry experts.

Also noteworthy are the following new issues of newsletters that I read:

Yes, I do a lot of reading. Until tomorrow, enjoy these resources and have a wonderful day.

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