Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Eye's Wide Shut? In a 7 April article titled IBM, Microsoft patents pose dangers David Berlind exposed behind-the-scenes acts that would do Machiavelli proud. A quote from the article is an attention grabber:
The potential for the two giants to erect a toll booth is tied to the likelihood that Web services protocols such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI--and the related ones to which the two companies hold patents or other intellectual property rights--will one day be as important as the standard protocols (such as TCP/IP and HTTP) on which the Internet is based today.
A month later Mr. Berlind reports that IBM and Microsoft are not going unchallenged. His 7 May article titled Web Services Hero shows that both Hewlett-Packard and Apple are proactively challenging the moves by IBM and Microsoft. While Mr. Berlind's reporting is well written and researched, and his tenacious investigation is a true service, one of his readers, Gary Edwards, summed up the issues and threats in his Reader Talkback. This is important stuff and I think both David Berlind's articles and Mr. Edwards' thoughts merit a careful read and a lot of thought.

Yesterday I singled out Soft Java for its light, humorous approach to teaching Java. I found another site, Java Ranch, that uses the same approach and am now becoming interested in Java. One final note: If you are interested in CASE tools you'll like the collection of Freely Available CASE Tools that I stumbled upon by accident.

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