Monday, April 15, 2002

Mike's last entry in Postcards from the Revolution about CMM inspired me to thumb through Ken Dymond's excellent A Guide to the CMM: Understanding the Capability Maturity Model for Software. That book and Kim Caupto's CMM Implementation Guide: Choreographing Software Process Improvement are two of the most effective books for anyone who needs to understand and implement the capability maturity model.

Last summer Mike and I were playing around with Paintshop Pro (see my 29 May 2001 review) and created a graphic that depicts the evolution of process maturity. We had fun creating the graphic, and made sure that it was consistent with the capability maturity model levels. We also made sure that it was aligned to our professional focus, service delivery.

As I was pondering Dymond's books, another book came to mind: Jill Dyché's The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management. Was it the 3-letter initials, CMM and CRM? Both authors' last names, Dymond and Dyché, starting with the letter 'D'? Or the excellent writing? Minds work in mysterious ways.

However, if CRM is a topic that interests you you'll like the MS Word document titled Customer Relationship Management: Successful Implementation and Innovative Practice. This 17-page document, in presentation format, captures the essence of CRM.

I'm a loyal fan of Jill Dyché. She is smart, personable and straight-talking. I first discovered her when Mike lent me a copy of her first book, e-Data: Turning Data into Information with Data Warehousing. As luck would have it, she was checking her book standings on Amazon and noticed my 30 June 2001 review, then spotted Mike's 28 June 2001 review. She contacted me, and sent both Mike and I copies of The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management. My goal this month is to write an Amazon review, and a glowing one at that. Both of Jill's books are outstanding and have my highest recommendation.

Now it's time to return to my studies so I can complete my requirements and pass the tests for Oracle Certified Professional. Believe me, it's not an easy certification to earn.

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