Sunday, April 07, 2002

Busy ... Business. We're all busy these days. Mike, Kate and I are developing a proposed solution requirements set forth by Media Lab, Asia (we're working this as members of the Thinking Minds, Inc. team). I am immersed in my Oracle Certified Professional Training, and Mike and Kate are working on a project that will take them to Kuwait at the end of the month.

What's New. Since we are so busy I want to rekindle the thread that Mike is still working about processes and strategy. A PowerPoint presentation on Information Systems Strategy provides excellent information and a structured approach to developing a strategy. The strategy is the root of policies, processes and procedures, and it also ties nicely into Mike's and my entries about the Tarrani-Zarate Model that we're discussing in Postcards from the Revolution. A related document is Models of Quality, which covers the Goal-Question-Metric approach (among others).

Because we are working on a proposed solution that addresses development of a collaborative computing environment, I want to share one of our source documents we're using that discusses the key issues of web engineering. This document is not the same approach as set forth in Nick Flor's excellent book, Web Business Engineering (see Mike's and my reviews dated 16 and 14 September 2001, respectively). Where the book is focused on a business approach, the PowerPoint presentation I'm sharing is more technical in nature.

I want to wrap up with two documents about service management. We usually focus on that subject in Postcards from the Revolution, but many readers here do not read our sister weblog and the topic is too important to our profession. The documents are:

  1. IT Service Management Whitepaper - this document is brief and covers all of the important points.
  2. IT Service Management in eGovernment, which is focused on the IT Service Management Forum's approach, and documents successes achieved by the Government of Ontario. Although the theme is eGovernment, the information applies to commercial organizations as well.
Best wishes from Azusa, California - Linda Zarate.

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