Sunday, March 17, 2002

Service Management For Everyone. In my previous entry I initiated a discussion of service levels and processes. Although this topic is normally discussed in Postcards from the Revolution, I feel that it's important to expose a wider audience to service level management. Regardless of our job or function, all IT professionals are directly or indirectly involved in service delivery. My assertion of this is supported in Creating an IT Service Delivery Utility, which is the perfect paradigm.

IT Architecture: An Executive Overview is an interesting presentation that ties together an end-to-end architecture and organizational structure that supports service delivery. If you're in the software engineering/applications delivery domain you'll see how your world can connect to production support and service level management. This is addressed in even more detail in Processes for Successful Solution Deployment. I especially like this document because it covers production entry criteria and applications acceptance - critical activities that are not always implemented as a formalized process. This paper shows why they should be a part of the interface between applications and service delivery. I also liked the paper on application availability because it contains items of interest to applications and service delivery practitioners, and is one of a slowly growing body of knowledge that views IT as a whole instead of development and support functions.

Parting Notes. In my next entry I'll cover service level management basics, including service level agreements and vendor management.

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