Saturday, March 16, 2002

Service Levels and Processes. I found an interesting whitepaper on FMEA for IT (FMEA is Failure Mode, Effects and Analysis) that is in line with facilities management research that Mike and I conducted a few years ago. This paper sets forth an excellent framework for service level management, specifically with respect to reliability and availability.

Manageability is another aspect of reliability and availability that is important to those of us who specialize in service level management. Manageability usually comes with a steep price tag, so the IDC whitepaper titled Business Case for Investing in Manageable Systems is a valuable document that will give you ideas about how to justify the right level of manageability to meet service level objectives.

I've put together two archives of presentations and documents on service level management basics and service level performance metrics from resources I've gathered in recent research. This information is useful to all IT professionals, including applications delivery and software engineering folks because at some point the products that are designed and developed are going to be placed into service as business-enabling tools.

Two additional documents that are of narrower interest are Service Quality for Financial Institutions, which is a high-level view of unique requirements (with little specific service level management information), and Using SAP R/3 for SLM. This paper's primary theme is SAP R/3 in supply chain management. However, it goes into detail about supply chain management, service level management, service level agreements and business maturity. Although the paper does not directly address IT service level management, it does contain a wealth of ideas, especially about workflow.

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