Thursday, March 28, 2002

Of Processes and Service. The theme unfolding in the latest entries here is process design. Designing and implementing service management processes are TEAM Zarate-Tarrani core competencies, and will be the recurring subject of entries here and in Postcards from the Revolution.

Tie-in. I'll start by providing a document that supplements Mike's recent entry on policies and how they relate to processes: Managed Service Provider Security Policy. This document serves as an example policy document, and can be used virtually unchanged by any company that provides managed or outsourced services.

On the topic of processes and process improvement, Application Service Provider SWOT analysis (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) gives an in-depth look into all facets of ASP services. I also like the way Service Level Improvement Method discusses the ways to baseline service levels as a starting point for a process improvement initiative. Patching Blind Spots in IT Processes takes the improvement method in the former document one step further, and is valuable to anyone who is embarked upon IT process improvement.

Every minute of my weekend has been committed, so I'll not be posting here until Monday. Happy Easter.

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