Sunday, March 10, 2002

In Praise of Process. I'm going to lay the groundwork for Mike's forthcoming entries on process. Tom Gilb's Process Out, Quality In presentation in PowerPoint format, with an accompanying MS Word document shows the direct relationship between process and quality. These documents are essential reading if you're serious about quality and want to understand how to design processes to assure it.

It's impossible to implement effective processes or achieve true quality without metrics. This simple, immutable fact is reinforced by Serious Metrics Pay Off, which is a short PowerPoint presentation about the value of metrics.

If processes need metrics, it's axiomatic that they also need documentation. Process assets is a PowerPoint presentation that discusses the value of process assets in the form of policies, procedures and guidelines. This presentation is a nice lead-in for Mike's future entries, and a great resource for anyone who is involved in implementing CMM.

If you read this weblog or its sister, Postcards from the Revolution, you know that we never stray far from the CMM as a topic. The PowerPoint/MS Word combination of documents about software capability evaluations and capability models discusses the use of the Software Capability Evaluation (SCE) V3.0 appraisal method and how to tailor an appraisal to multiple reference models. The models discussed in this slide presentation and accompanying document are the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) CMM for Software V1.1 and the EIA/IS 731.1, Systems Engineering Capability Model (SECM).

Along the same lines, the two PowerPoint presentations and PDF file that address getting to CMM Levels 4 and 5, and productivity statistics provide insights about the difficulties of attaining software process capability maturity. The information can also be applied to other process models and benchmarks, making this set of documents especially valuable source material to anyone who is involved with process improvement initiatives.

A comparison of IEEE/EIA 12207, CMM and ISO 9001 discusses models and processes that relate to the previous document set about Levels 4 and 5.

I've also posted related information in Postcards from the Revolution in the form of documents that discuss security processes.

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