Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Giving or Getting Value. You are either a provider or consumer of services, or both. I've been thumbing through my favorite books on IT operations, each of which addresses service delivery in varying levels of detail. The best starting point, in my opinion, is Foundations of Service Level Management, which covers all of the key points of this important discipline. What makes this book so valuable is the supporting web site that makes the book a constantly updated, living reference.

I've also been heavily influenced by the books in Harris Kern's Enterprise Computing Series, all of which are focused on some aspect of service delivery. My exposure to this outstanding series was IT Services Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking and Marketing. Discovering this book was a turning point because it synthesized all of my experience that I'd gained in a quarter of a century in the industry. I quickly snapped up the other books in the series, many of which had the same profound influence on my thinking and/or validated my own experience and knowledge. The best among them are

Two other books that I rank with those in the Enterprise Computing Series are:
  1. Mission Critical Systems Management.
  2. Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services (see the book's associated discussion forum for more information).
However, you don't have to rush out and buy a pile of books to get started. I've assembled a collection of documents that cover the key topics in the collection I've discussed above:If these topics interest you please see my latest entry in Postcards from the Revolution, which provides supporting material for performance and capacity management.

Best regards from Azusa, California. Linda Zarate

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