Monday, February 18, 2002

Pearls & Principles. If you're a fan of Jon Bentley's Programming Pearls then you'll appreciate developer.*'s list of 11 principles that are intended to codify techniques, best practices, ethics, and standards for quality and professionalism. They can be read online or downloaded in PDF format. You'll also like their newsletter columns, which cover development and software engineering topics.

Tales from Server-side. Julian Bond's always informative weblog had an interesting entry on 18 February about XWT (XML Windowing Toolkit). This technology lets you write remote applications that project their user interface onto any computer, anywhere on the Internet. If you want to learn more visit; also spend time on the demos that allow you to see how XWT can be used to create a mail application and a chess program that impose nearly zero overhead on the client.

Bug Taming. If you've ever visited our Software Quality, Reliability & Testing Resources page then you already know that we are propoents of the IBM-developed Orthogonal Defect Classification approach to software quality. The IBM Research Center ODC page is the definitive resource on the web. If you're new to ODC read the FAQ, which will place it into a context and keep you from being overwhelmed with information when you begin exploring the ODC page.

End Note: An Offer You Can't Refuse. In my Postcards from the Revolution 5 February 2002 entry I discussed Mike Sisco's IT Manager Development Series, which is a 10-book collection of professional guideance that covers every facet of IT management. Mike also offers an IT Manager ToolKit, which consists of 80 tools to augment the material in the IT Manager Development Series, or as standalone artifacts. The IT Manager Development Series normally sells for $495.00 and the toolkit for $250.00. However, if you purchase before the end of February you can get the entire series and the toolkit for a single, bargain price of $179.00. See the description and ordering page or contact Mike Sisco for details.

Late Note - Correction (18:00 US Pacific Time): I was just notified by Mike Sisco that the price of the IT Management Development Series will be $279.00 after 28 February instead of the $495.00 price I cited. I apologize for the mistake.

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