Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I've been on vacation in Hawaii, so imagine my surprise to discover that, in addition to hundreds of messages, Mike has been turning this weblog (and Postcards from the Revolution) into a diary on steroids. I'll keep this entry short and share artifacts that fit within the themes of Mike's recent entries.

The Southern California SPIN is one of the most active among the Software Process Improvement Network local groups, and for no small reason: it's located in the heart of the aerospace and high-tech industry in Southern California. The quality of presentations given at their meetings is evidence of the membership and the leadership of this particular SPIN. Here is a sampling of presentations that I found useful (all are in PowerPoint format):

MBASE (Model Based (System) Architecting and Software Engineering) is a forward-thinking approach to architectures, and the presentation consists of 130 slides. If the presentation inspires you to learn more about MBASE download MBASE Guidelines v2.0 from my server directory. These guidelines are in MS Word format and get into details.

About Dr. Boehm: The fact that he presents at the Southern California SPIN evidences the quality of their program. One of Mike's favorite books is Dr. Boehm's 1981 book titled Software Engineering Economics. This book remains a classic according to Mike, but I suspect that Dr. Boehm's newest book, Software Cost Estimation with Cocomo II is the one to get since the first one introduced the constructive cost model (Cocomo) and the newest is about Cocomo version 2.

I'll end this so I can attempt to catch up on email and action items that accrued while I was on vacation.

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