Thursday, February 14, 2002

I received an email from David F. Rico telling me that Kim Caputo (who is a principal at Delta Business Solutions) referred him to the family of resource pages that Mike and I maintain. David's web site is an amazing repository of quality and CMM information. To underscore how small our industry is, it turns out that David is also a friend of another friend, Steve Page. Steve is the policy and procedures expert who has authored a series of best-selling books on the subject.

Looking at all of Mr. Rico's CMM material made me realize that SEI may be the official source of CMM information, but that there are other sources of CMM information on the web that augment and complement the "official" documents. Among the best, in my opinion, are:

If your primary job is service delivery see my latest entry in Postcards from the Revolution, which discusses the IT Service CMM.

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