Saturday, January 19, 2002

Unlike Mike I am focused entirely on service delivery and production processes. True, one cannot avoid the applications delivery side, and I agree that there is a chasm between the two groups. One document that attempts to draw the applications and service delivery groups together is Software Maintenance from a Service Perspective. I also like the way that the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library - the UK standard for service delivery) links both sides. A paper by Interpromusa titled ITIL Roadmap to SLAs illustrates the links. Deriving a Software Quality View from Customer Satisfaction and Service Data further reinforces the fact that end user satisfaction, which is the reason for IT's existence, should be the overriding reason to integrate applications and service delivery into a coherent organization. Mike and I have done some work this end, which I'm sure he'll address in a future entry - and I'll leave it to him to do that.

A few other interesting resources I have bookmarked include:

I have also collected a few other documents that are more suited to applications delivery, but are valuable to both groups: IEEE Std 1219-1998, which is the IEEE Software Maintenance standard, Software change management processes in the development of Embedded Software (I thought I'd toss this one in for anyone who found Mike's medical device resource useful), and for my software engineering brothers and sisters in applications delivery, Automating Three Modes of Evolution for Object-Oriented Software Architectures is an olive branch to hasten the bridge-building process.

For my friend Muthukumar U I hope the following nugget proves useful: Automated Life-Cycle Approach to Software Testing in the Finance & Insurance Sector

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