Thursday, January 17, 2002

Mike's entries raise some interesting points about service levels, legal issues, software quality and other factors that, combined, are our world of delivering and managing systems. Some intersting articles and papers on service level management that I've filed away include The Truth About Service-Level Management that was written by Rick Sturm. In this article Mr. Strum debunks 5 myths of service level management. I first encountered his work in a book he coauthored titled Foundations of Service Level Management. This was the very first book I reviewed on Amazon on 27 December 2000. The book has an associated website that covers service level management in great detail.

Some pages and papers on service level management and service level agreements that are worth visiting and reading are: A Structured Approach to Service Level Management and an Online Service Level Management Assessment. A plethora of service level agreement articles is provided at Business 2.0's Service Level Agreement links.

There are whitepapers, all in PDF format, that add to the service level management body of knowledge:

Not to be missed is an article from tele dot com titled Service Level Disagreement. Also, anyone who is involved with, or interested in, service level management should bookmark and frequently visit the The IT Service Capability Maturity ModelĀ® page.

With respect to UCITA and software quality, Cem Kaner's articles on Court Cases and Papers on the Law of Software Quality are essential reading for anyone who provides services or software. If you're following UCITA check for updates and developments on UCITA Online.

Another side of service level management deals with web site visitor experience. A site called Quality of Experience has articles and commentary on the subject. This is directly related to usability, a topic with which I ended today's research. Flash is Evil is an interesting and highly opinionated page dedicated to the dark side of Macromedia Flash in particular and usability in general. QA City is a good site for web testers and usability experts. There is something here for everyone who is involved in software quality.

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