Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I've been researching various analysis techniques. One interesting paper worth a look is Goal-Driven Task Analysis: Improving Situation Awareness For Complex Problem-Solving. I've also collected a few links to Goal-Question-Metric (GQM), which is similar to the objective-critical success factor-key performance indicator approach common in business strategy planning. Among the best GQM links are: Introduction to GQM, NASA's Software Engineering Laboratory's documented Experiences Using the Goal Guestion Metric Paradigm (in Acrobat format), The Goal Question Metric Approach, a two-page GQM tutorial (PDF), and a case study titled Applying GQM to Assess Configuration Management Practices for Better Interbank Services (PDF format).
Other resources that I found interesting include: Requirements & Specifications, Discovering System Requirements, Decoding Business Needs, and the University of Sheffield's Quality Function Deployment Resources Page.
Although it doesn't quite fit the topic the conference presentations from the The 1997 Rational Software User Conference were interesting and as valid today as when they were written - unless you're an XP or Agile Methods fan :-)

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