Wednesday, January 16, 2002

I had an opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week and I took it. Having never attended a consumer-oriented show I was amazed and overwhelmed. You cannot see everything because there's so much, and as the day wore on my energy waned - although as the day wore on my geek factor increased exponentially. The fun, consumer products that caught my attention were:Next, I had to check out the palms/pocket manager/pocket pc's. I've always been drawn to these things, to the point of having a PDA fetish - my trusty Palm VII is thoroughly integrated into my life. There were a few PDAs that stood out:Oh, and Sony's Memory Stick got its share of exposure, not to mention a growing number of companies that are now supporting it. This very small memory device is so versatile you can mix and match all sorts of content. For instance, you can view pictures on a compatible big screen TV or AV system, you can show the pictures on an office projector, it links to computers and printers, cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, voice recorders and lots of other stuff. Go to the Memory Stick Consortium for more information about Sony's growing clout in the portable memory market. Personally, the Memory Stick vs. Compact Flash vs. Flash Card stuff conjures up memories of Betamax vs. VHS. We'll see who is left standing next year - and I'll definitely be at CES 2003 to find out.

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